Ramen at Kusabi


While looking for my ramen fix, I stumbled into a ramen restaurant at Marina Square.

I asked the waitress what is the speciality here. She told me it is the pork bones soup base that they use. I heard this before somewhere else.

She recommended the Marutoku Oubushi Tonkatsu Shoyou Ramen.
Looks ordinary but the again, looks are deceiving. I’ll find out soon enough.

I sampled the soup and had a “Ratatouille” moment (flashback) of that Ramen supper in Shinjuku with Thim and friends..(May 2011) – blog link..
So authentic!

It is truly wonderful how a humble bowl of noodles can exceed my expectations and surprised me.
The pork is tender, the fish oil is fragrant, the shredded leek (definitely Japanese) and the bamboo shoots all added to the flavour.

I summoned the waitress and conveyed my compliments to the chef. I was told the restaurant used imported ingredients from Japan.
The chef is from the Tohoku region in Japan.

Latest – I heard that Kusabi has moved. Does anyone know where the restaurant had moved to?
I would like to visit again.


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