In the mood for Ramen


It’s one of those days again.
What with quarterly closing, being chased and all that stress.

While walking through the basement of Bugis Junction, I spied a Ramen store.

I thought I just had to try this. It looks good in the menu, is it photoshopped?
Haha. They say the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

Miso Ramen with Chashu. The Miso based broth is delicious and less salty than the type of broth that you find in Tokyo.

Pickled bamboo shoots from Japan is a nice touch and really made this ramen better The noodles are springy though a little bland. The 2 slices of Chashu is quite tender and not too soft.

In the menu I spotted other items like extra eggs and chashu. Extra eggs are 2 dollars each but they don’t have reddish yolks like they do in Japan (they costs 50 yen each)

Overall, it’s quite authentic and I satisfied my ramen craving.

Where: Menya Kyu At Bugis Junction


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