Waiting for my boy


Cream of mushroom with chives and chopped mushrooms, a wonderful tea break at Novena SQ2.
What a nice bowl of soup! That’s my boy in the background looking bored.

While waiting for the youngest boy, the lads and I went to donut Factory for some snacks.
We ordered a beef burger with soup “, 2 donuts and 2 drinks.
Why no photos of the beef burger? Not as good when I can make my own beef patty.

Overall, the meal set is value for money and costs just 2 dollars more than 2 cups of coffee and toasted bread at Old Town Coffee on the ground floor.

I’ll be here more often nowadays as I bring my boys to finish their lessons here. There is a good mix of restaurants, from local to Korean.
The shops here cater mainly to Korean expats and their families. So I have been checking out the rice cakes (good with beer) and kimchi too.

Next, I’ll try the Ginseng Chicken Soup.


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