Delicious Nasi Padang

20110930-124606.jpgNasi Padang with chicken curry, asam pedas ikan, sayur lodeh and long beans with tempeh (can’t remember the name in Malay)

30 Sep 2011 – 1pm
I am right here blogging during my lunch break. Heard about a food centre near the office (Commonwealth MRT station) so I walked here.

I like the asam pedas ikan although it is a sting ray. I think it would be better with tenggiri fish. The asam is tangy with a kick.

The curry is not bad and the chicken breast is quite tender.

Ask for the chilli belacan, it is very good too.

This is IMHO, one of the better Nasi Padang I had in recent years.

The stall, Warong Norhizan is located in Commonwealth Crescent hawker centre 2nd floor. Warong reminds me of the roadside stalls in Bali 🙂


While blogging, I can hear the call to prayer by the muezzin (on the radio). Really feels like a kampong 🙂


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