Shandong Steamed Buns

There is a food place next to McDonald’s in Chinatown.
They serve Shandong Meat Buns 山东包, Shandong Steamed Buns 山东馒头 (mantou) and pig innards with stir fried vegetables.
3 dishes costs 3.50 to 4 dollars.
One steamed bun costs 1 dollar and a meat bun costs 1.50.

I tried the liver and heart with cucumber. Eaten together with a steamed bun 馒头, it’s quite tasty and hearty.
It’s the staple food of the northern and northeastern Chinese.
The steamed bun is made of rice floor though I expected them to use wheat floor.20110915-165332.jpg

How to eat this dish?
Hold the bun in your left hand and chopsticks in you right hand.

Like how the characters eat in old fashioned Kung Fu movies.



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