42 ways to help the environment


A very good article from Ecoki.

By Laurie Posted on 25 Apr, 2011
Trying to figure out some easy ways to help the environment? Look no further. These forty-two ways are simple solutions to helping the Earth without making much of a change!

42. Lower the thermostat: Reduce the thermostat on your water heater to about 120. Just this small change will save some energy–and money, too.

41. Replace your filters: Clean and replace your air conditioning filters at least once a month. It will run smoother and provide better air quality, too.

40. Shut the lights: Turn off lights and lamps when leaving the house, and even when leaving the room. Light a few healthy-burning candles, and savor the glow of your TV or computer, instead, in the evenings.

39. Check your appliances: Reduce your refrigerator temperature to about 37, and your freezer to about 3.

38. Bake with patience: When using your oven, stop opening the door. It reduces the oven temperature by about 25 degrees, tacking on the minutes it takes to bake or roast. Same goes for a slow cooker.

37. Clean out the dryer: That pesky lint filter in your dryer creates more energy use when it’s dirty. Clean it out after every load.

36. Unplug everything: not using an appliance very often? Unplug it. It will save you energy and costs, and free up some outlet space, too.

35. Wash in cold. When doing your laundry, choose cold water (or warm) instead of hot. It will use loads of less energy, and do the job just as well.

34. Change the thermostat: In the winter, keep it at around 78. In the summer, opt for 68. When you’re away, lower or raise accordingly (being sure not to turn it off… you don’t want to freeze the pipes.). If you have a smart meter, pay attention to when the low-energy times are.

33. Use eco-friendly cleaners: reduce the toxins in your home. Use alternatives such as baking soda, lemon juice, vinegar, and other natural sources for your cleaning needs.

32. Go electric or manual: instead of a gas-powered mower, choose an electric version or a manual one instead.

31. Leave the grass. When moving the lawn, spew the grass clippings back onto the yard. They act as a natural compost, putting nutrients back into the lawn.

30. Compost: it is an easy solution for your kitchen scraps, leaves, and debris, all making your lawn healthy and luscious.

29. Use email in the office: ditch the faxes and the memos. Email correspondence is quicker and, most likely, preferred. It also doesn’t waste paper.

28. Go recycled: use recycled paper; it often costs less, too.

27. Opt for solar power: if you have some money to spend, try switching to solar power for your home. If you can’t invest, look for solar powered outdoor lights to start you off.

26. Hop on your bike: when you can, ditch you car and ride your bike instead. Walking, of course, is an option, too.

25. Go organic: choose organic produce when possible, to support the farmers and eliminate toxins from your body and the air.

24. Go local: even better, opt for farmers that live in the same city or region.

23. Try vegetarian: eat meatless at least once a week to reduce the waste of water and greenhouse gasses that meat delivers.

22. Try a hybrid: in the market for a new car? Check out hybrids instead of gas-guzzling vans and SUVs.

21. Carpool: find some friends and coworkers and plan a carpool. It will save you on gas, as well as emissions in the air.

20. Shower shorter and colder: okay, cold showers aren’t for everyone, but opting for a burning hot 20 minute isn’t the best for water usage, either. Go a little cooler and pare down the time. You’ll notice a difference in your water bill, too.

19. Go low-flow: low flow toilets are another way to save some water. And unless there is company over, let it mellow if it’s yellow.

18. Nix the dryer: use outdoor or indoor clotheslines (in cities that allow it) to dry your clothes instead of using the energy-draining clothes dryer.

17. Wash when full: only run the washing machine and dishwasher with full loads. It is more efficient for the washer and gets more done at once, too.

16. Bring your own bags: Pretty common nowadays, bringing along your own bags to the grocery store uses less waste, and saves you the cost of buying them, too.

15. Bring your own bottle: whether you’re having a coffee in a thermos or a bottle of water, having your own on hand saves waste, too.

14. Don’t bag your produce, unless necessary. Most veggies don’t require that extra plastic bag. If you’re buying a few or less, go sans bag.

13. Buy in bulk: buying in bulk saves money, as well as additional packaging.

12. Don’t just toss it: try to repair and fix problems in the house instead of wasting it. It will save waste, time, money, and energy.

11. Go for cloth: ditch the paper napkins and get some pretty cloth ones instead. Not only are they more durable, but they look better, too… and you only have to buy them once.

10. Keep the containers: buy reusable containers for your lunches and snacks instead of throwing them out. Good quality glass ones or safe plastics with a tight lid are your best options.

9. Look for Energy Star appliances: these are often produced better for the environment, and will lower your energy bills, too.

8. Check for an eco-option: most newer appliances and electronics have eco-options. For example, televisions can have four or five levels to change the contrast to use less energy.

7. Grow a garden: save yourself money, don’t use pesticides, and don’t support imported foods. Great all around.

6. Look for earth-friendly cookware: ditch non-stick pans and appliances and look for options that are better for the earth.

5. Use soy-based candles: cleaner burning, these candles last longer, too.

4. Choose sustainable meat: if you do opt to eat meat, look for local farmers that have sustainable practices… not from factory farms.

3. Reduce: reduce!

2. Reuse: reuse!

1. Recycle: recycle!

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